Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 Fun Things I can do with a New Lenovo Laptop

1. Yugatech Blog Reading – There’s nothing more productive on spending my idle time on reading the latest news and trends about technology. This is one of the sites I frequently visit to check the latest product releases and reviews. With the new Lenovo Laptop, I can check for the latest tech news anywhere I want as long as I’m hooked in the Internet!

2. Online Gaming – I stopped playing online games for almost 2 years now after I graduated from college. I am planning to re-activate my account and I will definitely back on the online gaming world – killing monsters, up-leveling my character, and joining the party of other online gamers. Well, it’s a different gaming experience now with the NVidia GeForce 310M 512MB video spec. Isn’t that cool enough?

3. Movie Marathon – The word fun and sweetness for me is spending my holiday season with my special someone. We are planning to spend the Christmas holiday going out and watching any movie from MMFF list in the cinema but with the new laptop it’s much sweeter to watch the movie together in the comfort of our home.

4. Image Editing – It’s now time to hone the post-production skills in Photoshop and Lightroom application. I love doing photography and explore the different places in Manila and all over the Philippines just to take pictures. What I will do is I’ll install those apps on my new laptop and do my hobby as easy as 1-2-3, shoot-edit-upload!

5. Blogging – another thing that I love to do is blog. My friends influenced me a lot to enter the blogging world. I can now use this cool gadget as a medium to do what I love.

6. Connect with friends – I will now have a chance to reunite with my friends and colleagues. There’s the reliable Yahoo Messenger and the popular Facebook to back me up on establishing communication.

7. Sports News – I always love basketball and I am proud to say that I am a PBA aficionado. I will now be an active PBA forum member by getting the latest news and trades, sharing ideas, and cheering for my favorite team – the BMEG Derby Ace LLamados!

8. Music Marathon – I can say music is one of my outlets to relieve my stress. I can now download my favorite songs and privately listen to it while relaxing, taking a sip of coffee in coffee shop as well as getting rid of the stress on a whole-day work.

9. Sell Online – Well, there are good stuffs that I need to sell including my camera accessories that I don’t use that much and one way of selling it fast is through online. It’s definitely a practice of my up selling skills. Hehe.

10. Bragging Rights – It’s something I can brag about and it’s Lenovo, the number 1 computer brand you can trust. This will be my first laptop if ever I win this contest and it’s gonna be legendary!

This will serve as my official entry on Lenovo-Yugatech Laptop Give-away Contest. View the full details here:


  1. I like top 1!.. haha good luck to us!..

    Ang queso ng number 3!.. haha :P

  2. haha..salamat sa info about the contest. :) kelan malalaman kung sino mananalo?